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Shengquan Group started to produce Graphene+Fiber


27th July, 2015, On the identification conference for the Graphene fiber held by Jinan Shengquan Group Share-Holding company Ltd., The Academician—Yaomu from Chinese Academy of Engineering announced that the Graphene fiber launched by Jinan Shengquan Group have the functions of Low temperature far infrared, antibacterial, antistatic, it will become a new industrial economic growth in Shandong after commercial production.

It is understood that graphene has been found since 2004, and the grapheme has been faced with the following two problems: one is how to solve the large area & high quality graphene preparation, and another one is rapid and efficient transfer of the graphene , In particular, the industrialization of graphene and the application of large area has been a worldwide problem. Now, with the utilization of “Group coordination assembly method " technology researched by Shengquan group and Heilongjiang University ,the first 100 tons / year biomass graphene pilot production line on the world is expected to run within this month

Graphene is known as the "Magic material to change the 21st century", economics and scientific circles experts believe that as a revolutionary new material, Graphene have great prospects for development, it will be leveraging at least hundreds of billions of industrial chain in future.
At present, China has gone to the forefront for the graphene research and industrialization field, but due to the high cost of preparation, graphene technology is now mostly still in the research stage, From the preparation of graphene technology to transfer technology, as well as open up the downstream applications, etc., are urgent to achieve further breakthroughs.
Since the beginning of 2008, Shengquan group worked in the research of this topic, with more than 300 researchers and 7 years time, finally we got it, we got the grapheme and Corn cob fiber from the Plant straw creatively, at the same time, we combine graphene and corncob fiber to produce inner warm fiber and realize the industrial production. The advent of graphene inner warm fiber marked that Shengquan group become the global biomass graphene intelligent multifunctional fiber leader, will produce a series of significant influence on China's chemical fiber, textile and clothing and many other industries.

Shengquan group biomass graphene clothing has excellent performance for antibacterial, low temperature far infrared,so that the bacteria no longer breeding and eventually would have been destroyed. At the same time, the far infrared function to accelerate microcirculation and protect skin healthy, the advent of graphene clothing is expected to really solve the foot erosion and other problems.

It is understood that at present our graphene industrial development have many bottlenecks, and in Shengquan group, due to the research and development, application, production have been achieved the integration, so it will make Shengquan group to create a " Shengquan model " in graphene industry; Especially noteworthy is that the raw material for the preparation of graphene used by Shengquan group have very low price & very huge amount, it is comes from the plant staw, after the commercial production of grapheme, based on the two weapons of Price and Capacity, Shengquan Group will produce an immeasurable impact to the graphene industrial in China.

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