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Healtang Biotech Co. Ltd is a subsidiary of Shengquan Group (SQ).  SQ Group was founded in 1979 and is the key high-tech enterprise under national torch plan of China.  SQ is also the world’s leading furan related products supplier using crop waste as its raw materials.

Healtang represents the latest development for SQ Group. We have state-of-the-art facilities with extensive R&D support.  We always focus on safety, environment and hygiene standards, our products are purer, safer and healthier.  Compared to chemical processes, Healtang uses renewable and biodegradable materials and by adopting biological and green chemical processes, Healtang operate environmentally friendly processes.  Carbohydrates and their derivatives are very important chemicals used in a wide range of applications today. They have been broadly applied in pharmaceutical, food, biochemcial and fine chemcial industries, and enjoy a very bright future in pharmaceutical applications such as antivirus, antitumour and diabetes treatments.  L-arabinose has been approved as a novel food additives in China. The quality and process control capability of Healtang, together with the development potential of carbohydrates and their derivatives enable Healtang to realise sustainable development in the biochemical and chemical industry.

Following successful collaboration with Chinese Academy of Science and several top universities in China, we have set up a “Research Center for Carbohydrate Chemistry and Bioengineering”.  Healtang is also supported by the Department of Economy and Construction, Ministry of Finance, China  under a bioenergy and biochemical program.  

Innovation is our core value and has been embedded in the mind of each individual in our company.  “Health is wealth”,our vision is to become a leading and innovative manufacturer of carbohydrates and its derivatives.  We are committed to be part of your efforts in enhancing the quality of life to enrich our community.  Our mission is to increase the value of crop waste to benefit rural communities.

State-of-the-art facilities, superior production techniques, strong R&D team, rich experience in both chemical and biochemical areas ensures that we can provide high quality and cost-effective products.  We can also offer custom synthesis service from gram to metric ton scale under strict confidentiality agreement.